February 7

A New Fantasy Series Worth Reading

3DBookMJ Bell has a strength for character development that shows right from the start with the MC, Deston, a young teenager just placed into foster care. His complaining, fears and focus are very believable for a boy of his age. It is just like opening a door to a real teenager’s life. Margaux is Deston’s “companion” throughout the book and the two of them have a relationship that is full of awkwardness and the norm in this age group–speaking before you think.

The mysteriousness of the plot trickles out of the background with each new chapter, making Before the Full Moon Rises a page turner. Each time Deston learned something new or stumbled into a new place, I was excited to learn what would happen to him and his friend next.  The chapters are beautifully written, with some stunning imagery that will delight young readers as well as adults who like adventure with a definite sense of place.

Bell provided for me an excellent balance of good and evil. Her characters explore for you, with excellent dialogue, why the faeries are “good” and what is at stake if they lose. With great attention she also explores the motives behind the villain, telling a believable story that encases the realm of fantasy along with tapping into the human condition. For me this provided a real reference point to the motives and not a far fetched “dark” for evil’s sake. I believe this is one reason this is great for young readers.

Bell’s characters are full of moral struggles and each struggle comes with resolution that is believable while still holding the fantasy element that we all enjoy so much. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for book two to be available on Amazon.

Guest Review – Brandy Eli

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