February 8


In case you hadn’t already grasped…both MJ and T Lynn LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Harry Potter!  And fantasy – specially YA fantasy- is our reading of choice.  Although, we do also enjoy a good mystery adventure to mix it up a little.  If you believe you have a book that fits into our critera, please feel free to send it to us for review.  We are especially interested in finding the next great Indie Author, so if that’s you…drop us a line.  We’ll also happily consider mystery/adventure books.

What we’ll do:

  • MJ and/or T Lynn will read and post a review of the books we feel are worthy challengers.  Occasionally, we might use a guest reviewer, but they will have the same standards as we have.
  • We will NOT post any bad reviews.  If we don’t like a book, we simply won’t post anything.  This site is to FIND the next great book, not trash someone’s work.
  • We will not accept any form of payment for reviews


    Contact us at postpotterpursuit@gmail.com and tell us about your fantasy or mystery/adventure book.  Include a short synopsis and contact info in the body of the email.  We’ll contact you if it sounds like a book we’d like to read.

    Don’t send us your romance, horror, zombie or non-fiction book.  It’s just not our bag.
    Don’t send us a non-edited book.  You may be terribly excited about your book, but we’re looking for serious authors who care enough about their work to have it professionally edited and proofed.  And no matter how great your story is, if there are a boat load of mistakes in it, it’ll just turn us off.


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