Inroducing M.J. Bell’s New Book: Next Time I See You!

Now available in audiobook!

Next Time I See You
by MJ Bell

College student, Kat Chambers lived a charmed life that could rival any princess until an April night in 2016 when the man she planned to marry was murdered. In that moment, her beautiful dream became her worst nightmare, and her true love was gone so there was no one to wake her.

Sixteen months later, Kat, who is still caught in the throes of acute depression, has a chance encounter with an intriguing stranger, who leads her to the discovery of a time machine. And in her broken state of mind, she convinces herself the Universe wants her to go back in time and stop the killer.

However, the moment Kat steps out of the machine in 2016, it becomes clear the Universe has an agenda of its own, and it’s not what she bargained for.