The Guardians’ Light

In a last-ditch effort to fulfill her dreams and make tuition for her first year at MIT, eighteen-year-old Sofia goes against her better judgement and accepts an invitation to compete on a new TV reality show. However, as she and two fellow contestants, Zach and Liv, race to the finish line, it becomes clear the game is rigged and the billionaire tycoon behind the show is only interested in Liv.

Before the three realize what is going on, Liv is whisked away to Egypt, and a mysterious man, who claims to be an alien from the planet Pleiades, persuades Sofia and Zach he can help get her back. As Sofia and Zach search for Liv and struggle to distinguish friend from foe, truth from fiction, and alien from human, they come to realize this is no longer a game. But will they discover the true danger they’re in before it’s too late?

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