Introducing M.J. Bell’s new book: The Guardians’ Gift

When Sofia agreed to be on a new reality TV show, little did she know it would turn her whole world upside down. Now together with Zach, a boy she has feelings for, but who probably hates her, and Liv, a girl, who definitely hates her, she has to find a way to defeat the Anunnaki, an alien race from the planet Nibiru, and save the Earth.

First, though, they have to find a way home after jumping through a portal to escape Makin Daher, the leader of the Anunnaki, and ending up God knows where. As they search for a way home, they uncover pieces of their past and who they really are, and most importantly, what is expected of them as the Guardians of Earth.

But as it has been Sofia’s entire life, nothing is simple, and the strained relationship between the Guardians makes it all the more difficult. If they don’t find a way to put their differences aside and work together, the sacrifices could be great, and the consequences could be deadly.

And Earth could be doomed.

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